Savings and investments

It is a common ailment of salespeople in the various financial services industries to regard their product (only) as the end-all and be-all of financial advice. We feel that this kind of advice is irresponsible and may be the cause of the deep-seated distrust (of some) in intermediaries in the financial services industry – no matter which part of it!

As with all things there should be a balance and it is imperative that the right tool is used for its intended objective. So be assured; there is as much a place for a savings account as there is for a share portfolio, and as much a place for a property investment as there is for a money market account. The trick, once again, is to choose the correct vehicle for your purpose.

It is impossible to discuss the variety of options on this website alone and we would like to once again invite you to contact us on 012 345 6480 if you need more detailed advice.

We cannot specialize in all aspects of financial services, but we have a good grasp of the better players in the various fields and we will gladly direct you in the right direction.